Snaggy Tees!

Hey Film Buffs!

RandomFilmBuff has been M.I.A. for quite awhile, but we are not shut down!

We’ve been busy working on other cool projects (screenplays! books! ), but we have to update you guys on all the exciting action.

Other than the projects mentioned above, one of our biggest ventures has been launching a t-shirt company.

Yep, you read that right. A t-shirt company.

We would like to introduce, Snaggy Tees, the new t-shirt company that strives to give the coolest tees around to the world. Our products range from inspirational and motivational to straight-up funny and eye-catching.

It’s our dream one day to be as big as the Life is Good brothers, or even to overtake And honestly, we plan on doing exactly such.

Of course, there’s much more to come. Our t-shirts are




(As you can tell, we’re still kind of “cinematic.”)

Come on over, take a look, snag a great deal! We’re happy to welcome you into the SnaggyTees family.

Film Fight! Fall Releases Edition

I know we are all excited about the slew of great fall releases coming out soon. But which one’s will stand the battle of Film Fight?

Round #1: Movies About Recent History

Is it Kathryn Bigelow’s Osama-Drama?


Ben Affleck’s Take on Iranian History in the 70’s?

Round #2: Big Epics Based On Novels

The Wachowski’s Film That Has Halle Berry as a White Chick?


Ang Lee’s Tiger Romance?

Round #3: POTUS’

Spielberg’s Lincoln?


Bill Murray as a President No One Cares About?

Round #4: French Films

The Film We’re Supposed To Cry At?


Starring the Girl Who’s Practically in Everything Now?

Round #5: Random Choice

Well…Both of Them Star Famous Black Guys.



Django Unchained?


Leave your picks in the comments below!