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Hey Film Buffs!

RandomFilmBuff has been M.I.A. for quite awhile, but we are not shut down!

We’ve been busy working on other cool projects (screenplays! books! ), but we have to update you guys on all the exciting action.

Other than the projects mentioned above, one of our biggest ventures has been launching a t-shirt company.

Yep, you read that right. A t-shirt company.

We would like to introduce, Snaggy Tees, the new t-shirt company that strives to give the coolest tees around to the world. Our products range from inspirational and motivational to straight-up funny and eye-catching.

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Of course, there’s much more to come. Our t-shirts are




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My Movie Bucket List for 2012

There are many movies I have seen – some I loved, simply enjoyed, and some I’d rather forget about.

But there are many fantastic films that have yet to enter my life.

Therefore, I am penning a Movie Bucket List for the Year of 2012: a list that includes all the movies I want to see before December 31st, 2012, 11:59 p.m.

Let’s Get Started:

1) The Pianist

2) Children of Men

3) Silence of the Lambs

4) Godfather (Part 1 + 2)

5) Psycho

6) Vertigo

7) Citizen Kane

8) Reservoir Dogs

9) Pulp Fiction

10) The Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford

11) Le Havre

12) The Dark Knight

13) The Conversation

14) Into the Wild

15) The Road

16) The 25th Hour

17) Magnolia

18) Fight Club

19) The Kid with a Bike

20) Zodiac

21) The Master

22) Drive

23) Adaptation

24) In Bruges

25) Annie Hall

26) Warrior

27) We Need To Talk About Kevin

28) Interview with a Vampire

29) Boy A

30) JFK

31) American History X

32) Fargo

33) American Beauty

34) Edward Scissorhands

35) Grave of the Fireflies

36) The Prestige

37) Requiem for a Dream

Some of the movies are on Netflix, some I have to go out and rent – all of them I am terribly excited for.

How about you? Seen (or wish to see) some of these films? Do you have a movie bucket list? Drop your stories in the comments below 🙂

The Best Movies of 2012 (So Far)

2012 has offered some great films this year so far. As we look back on what we loved, I’m truly looking forward to the rest of the year.

1) The Grey

An intelligent thriller, skilled performances, and a surprisingly deeper meaning than expected. Oh yeah, and this song: Into the Grey.

2) A Separation

I would like to shake the hands of the person who penned this towering script. Nothing is forced and every singly moment is captivating. My Review.

3) Monsieur Lazhar

It might look small and unassuming, but this film is deeply touching and highly thoughtful. My review.

4) The Iron Lady

Don’t understand the hate for this one. “It focuses too much on Meryl Streep’s character.” It’s an memoir, God. Anyway, see my review. (Fun fact: This was my first review. Don’t be hard on it.)

5) Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Though Thomas Horn’s character truly made me want to punch him in the face, this movie was emotional and absolutely lovely. Not to mention the stunning performance from Viola Davis.

6) Bully

Though I can’t agree with all the philosophies they promote in this movie, it truly was nothing short of powerful and highly disturbing. My review.

7) The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. Not sure if the kids would understand most of the humor, though. My review.

8) The Intouchables

No, it doesn’t provide nuanced social commentary or present profound ideas about life, but it’s fun and sweet.

Honorable Mentions:

Snow White and the Huntsman – Absolutely gorgeous, storyline doesn’t get ahead of itself, and Chris Hemsworth is a fun add to the cast.

Safety Not Guaranteed Genius idea-but do the main characters have to fall in love? AGAIN?

What I’m Looking Forward To: 

1) The Master

The acting looks like it’s going to be phenomenal. Oscar bait in the truest sense.

2) Django Unchained

Seeing for DiCaprio’s performance. Maybe this is his year?

3) The Great Gatsby

Not a fan of Baz Luhrmann, but those trailers are still reeling me in…

Note: I’ve recently found out that this film is being pushed to Summer of 2013. Oh well…

4) Cloud Atlas

Only two ways this can end: an instant classic that’s one of the most fascinating epics in film history, or a confusing, jumbled mess. Hoping for the former. No pressure.

5) Life of Pi

I’m really excited to include this one in my Book Vs. Film series.


6) Lincoln

Steven Spielberg + Daniel Day Lewis + The Great Emancipator = Very Happy Film Buff

7) Les Miserables

I adore (good) musicals. This would be my first introduction to this particular one, and I’m ready.

What About You? What was the best so far? What are you looking forward to? Tell RFB in the comments below:

An Original Poem Dedicated to the Annoying Moviegoer In Front of Me

I sit and wait; I’m in the perfect seat. I tap my feet to the pre-previews beat.

I am the only one in here. How odd. I halfway listen to the ‘Behind The Scenes’ footage while I nod.

“I KNOW RIGHT!” An intruder! She waddles in on her cellphone, scans the chairs looking for her throne.

Not next to me, not next to me, I pray inwardly. She doesn’t – she plops right in front of me.

Screaming into her cellphone. I scream inside. And what’s that smell?

She readjusts herself carefully. I am in hell.

The room goes dark. The MPAA warns this preview is for grown-ups alone.

She says goodbye for the 1000th time and presses ‘End Call’ on her phone.

Yes, I can finally enjoy…

She zips open her suitcase – I don’t think that’s a purse – and snatches the noisiest, loudest chip bag in all of history and under my breath I curse.

One meaty hand on the left, five sausages on the right. She smacks the chip bag and POP! chips dance in the air, blocking my sight.

A giggle and another odd smell. She slams a handful of chips down her throat.

I want to put my hands around her throat.

She whips out her cellphone and presses Messages.

Oh my God…she’s about to text.

The movie is starting. What did I go see? For all I know, there’s a whole new movie in front of me!

All through the film she laughs like a hyena, eats like a pig, releases terrible smells.

I think I already told you I was in hell.

The lights come back on. My torture can end. She leaves as quickly as she came in.

I peer over the seats. Chips, chips, chips litter the chairs. Reminiscences of her are everywhere.

So please moviegoer, shut up, eat quietly, and crap before you leave home, and don’t ever, ever, ever let this be you.

Or the theater might just have to jump on you.

Ever had a horrible moviegoing experience because of that one annoying audience member? Leave your story in the comments. 

10 Great Tips From 10 Great Directors

1) The Unveiling of You – Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan)

“If you want to be a filmmaker, the best think you can bring to the world is your own story…Reach deep into your own personal stuff, your own personal joys and sadness and pain and struggle and victories and share them. That’s what we want to see.” 

2) Just Get The Right Actors – John Frankenheimer (Black Sunday)

“Casting is 65 percent of directing.”

3) Don’t Sell Yourself Out – Alexander Payne (About Schmidt, The Descendants)

“To really learn filmmaking, you must learn screenwriting…Most importantly, if you want to direct, never accept money to write a screenplay. Never pitch and never accept money to write a screenplay. When you finish writing, and they say, ‘Yeah, it’s okay…‘ Yeah… they start making you jump through hoops…forever. That’s the most important advice I can give to directors. Never write for pay.

4) Newsflash: Great Films Aren’t Easy to Make – Lee Daniels (Precious)

“My advice is filmmakers who are trying to make really challenging films is to embrace the struggle required to make them. All great films come from struggle. People said ‘Monster’s Ball’ shouldn’t be made and even asked why I was working on such a film. But struggle puts hair on your chest. You fight so hard for these little movies that sometimes you feel like you must be crazy. Sometimes I think, ‘Why don’t I just buy into the system? Get myself a house and a decent car?’ But when I see the result like ‘The Woodsman’ and the effect the films have on people, it makes me feel like I’m not crazy, that I’m not alone, and that people do appreciate them.” 

5) Find The Gist – Francis Ford Coppola (Godfather Trilogy)

“When you make a movie, always try to discover what the theme of the movie is in one or two words. Every time I made a film, I always knew what I thought the theme was, the core, in one word. In “The Godfather,” it was succession. In “The Conversation,” it was privacy. In “Apocalypse,” it was morality. 

6) No Journey Is Made Alone – Stephen Spielberg (Schindler’s List, War Horse)

“When I was a kid, there was no collaboration, it’s you with a camera bossing your friends around. But as an adult, filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of these films by yourself.” 

7) Fill It Up – Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho, Vertigo)

I don’t understand why we have to experiment with film. I think everything should be done on paper. A musician has to do it, a composer. He puts a lot of dots down and beautiful music comes out. And I think that students should be taught to visualize. That`s the one thing missing in all this. The one thing that the student has got to do is to learn that there is a rectangle up there – a white rectangle in a theater – and it has to be filled.” 

8) Be A Little Crazy – Kevin Smith (Clerks)

You have to have this reasonable amount of unreasonability to even become a filmmaker. Because reasonability dictates, like, ‘Hey man, you’re not from Los Angeles, you don’t work near a movie studio, your not born into this business, you can’t be a filmmaker, that’s for other people.’ You have to have this reasonable degree of unreasonability. You have to be like, ‘No, it doesn’t have to be that way.’ 

9) A Smorgasbord of Inspiration – Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive)

“Directing is…just inspiring everyone else to give their best, and then you put your name on it. Get everyone inspired and pumped and get them to see the vision of your film, and then you’re ready.”

10) Many Hats to Wear – Billy Wilder (Sunset Blvd., Some Like It Hot)

“A director must be a policeman, a midwife, a psychoanalyst, a sycophant and a bastard.”