Why David Fincher (and the whole ‘Benjamin Button’ Crew) Deserves All the Awards

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is one of my favorite films in the entire universe. Period. It’s incredible in every facet possible.

But never mind the lovely and excellent story, the incredible direction, the phenomenal special effects, sound, editing, and music. The scene below shows how amazing filmmaking is and how touching it can be. All the elements of film are at their absolute best in this one scene, and it confirms why Fincher is one of my favorite directors, and why I have to be a filmmaker.

23 thoughts on “Why David Fincher (and the whole ‘Benjamin Button’ Crew) Deserves All the Awards

  1. I really liked this movie, never understood why it is so hated among movie fans. While I think Pitt’s performance is a bit overrated the direction was masterful indeed. That clip is probably my fav scene from the film.

    • I don’t understand the hate either, but Pitt was excellent. He did all the facial expressions for the older Button, most of his voice was his, and Fincher let him have a lot of creative control. Honestly, everyone did incredible all around.

  2. Great clip. I love this film, but I tend to overlook it for some reason. It’s not even in my top 10 of 2008. Definitely a memorable film from that year though.

  3. It’s weird, because I remember Benjamin Button was not particularly well-received by critics upon release, people saying it didn’t deserve the oscar nominations. Now there are a ton of bloggers who love it. Critics don’t always know what they’re talking about ( : ps That’s a great scene you highlighted


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